unprize.org A while back we thought that it would be a good idea to break the quite dull conformism of traditional awards and came up the idea of the UNPRIZE, to recognise great unconventional work outside of any traditional categories. So far this idea has only remained a seed for a concept, with no funding, no organisational affiliation nor any other hidden or commercial agenda. Now were are ready to start: The Jury of the Unprize 2018 has recognized Critical Engineering Group as the receipt for the Unprize 2018 award. The main goal of the nomination is to highlight projects and accomplishments, which are impossible to categorize. The Unprize is a(n un)prize for those who work outside of the box. The Critical Engineering Group’s work showed playfulness and boldness, and it has worked hard and successfully to be undefinable. We hope the prize will increase the recognition of the accomplishments of the group and raise awareness of all sort of work, which evades categories by its very nature. The recipient will receive a recycled unidentifiable object from the leftovers of an anonymous project. (Next year's jury will be announced soon.) Max and Rasmus @maxryynanen @rasmusvuori